Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Forearm Festival Freakin' Fabulous

Thanks to everyone who came out for Backcountry.com's Forearm Festival Citizens' Comp last weekend.

Over 100 climbers came out to sample The Front's expert setters' new masterpieces, over 75 new problems in all. Thanks to Jeff, Shannon, Matt, Chris, Paul, Pace, Scott, Jared, Brendan, Rocco, and Greg for putting in the long hours to put this place back together after our awesome Volunteers busted their butts taking it apart. It truly takes a village to put on a climbing comp.

None of it would be possible without the gracious support of our sponsors. Please visit their websites by clicking on their logos.

Check out pictures and comp results HERE!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at The Front for yet another amazing comp season. Stay tuned to The Front Blog for info about our next comp, The Mammut Bouldering Championships during the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show this July. Bigger than last year- it is going to rock your socks off.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Front on Utah Free Media

Check out The Front on Utah Free Media's "Aware" Podcast. Aware is a "weekly Pod Cast on Utah Free Media focusing on mindful social movements to bring our community in line with sustainable living."

Click HERE to hear some juicy details about The Front.

We're proud to have been chosen to be a part of this great series. Learn more about and listen to Utah Free Media at http://www.utahfm.org/.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Front Members dominate climbing media!

Be sure to check out the latest issues of Rock and Ice (March 2009) and Urban Climber (Feb/March '09) to see Front members in action!

Christine "Ballllllllllllzz" Balaz is in Rock and Ice for the second issue in a row, illustrating how her training at The Front helps her with that roped climbing stuff. While she's not enriching the lives of young people as a tutor or writing books, Christine is crushing stone around the U.S. You go, girl!

There's also some rad pics of Tom Adams crushing some seaside boulders. Where's your bikini, Tom?

Setter and strongman Rocco Bochicchio is the star of the Urban Climber "Workshop" Feature on Visualization. Look out for his problems at The Front, which are always sure to challenge the mind and body.

Man of Steel James "J-Litz" Litz is rippin' it on the cover of Urban Climber and is the star of a multiple page article. "So, James, do you train?" The response: "I climb on plastic at The Front in SLC." Need we say more? Thanks, James, for the props and the inspiration.

Finally, for the last bit of obnoxious self aggrandizement, check out page 72 of Urban Climber. Jamey from Asana, who made our amazing pad system, is wearing a shirt from where? Boo-yah! The Front!

Today is the last day to save $5 on your registration for Backcountry.com's Forearm Festival! To find out more info about the event, plus the schedule at The Front next week, click HERE!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Strong Core = Strong Climbing

To avoid injury, as well as take your climbing to the next level, a strong core is key.

A monster strong core, in conjunction with finger strength, good technique, and a positive attitude, will help you on steep problems and keep you balanced on the slabs.

Check out this sweet core work out from Matt Hart, an endurance athlete and coach. The pictures help you understand the exercises, so you don't have to spend a lot of time reading weird descriptions. I did this workout 10 minutes after a 90 minute indoor climbing session. I started with 20 reps per exercise but got downgraded to 15 by exercise #4. Do this work out with a partner to yell at and/or heckle you (as my wife did), and then return the favor to them.

There is no shame in screaming or groaning.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Clash of the Titans at Backcountry.com's Forearm Festival Comp!

It is going to be hot in the hot tub on January 24, when some of the nation's strongest climbers go head to head on all new problems at Backcountry.com's Forearm Festival All Abilities Citizens' Comp at The Front!

The Winter OR Show always brings in the big names. But, word is out that hard guys and gals are coming out from Boulder to squeeze the juice out of the plastic. So, SLC...gotta represent up in here.

Register now HERE! Save $5 if you register before January 17.

If you've never done a comp, you gotta experience the energy. You will climb harder than you ever have! The mojo is infectious. Start '09 right and raise the bar for what's physically possible for yourself.

The first 65 pre-registrants are guaranteed a sweet event t-shirt.

Will you get in the hot tub?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Got a finger injury?

"I have a finger injury" is something we hear somewhat often here at The Front. If you're on a forced holiday from climbing as a result of a tweaked digit, check out this article at Rock and Ice.

While you might be freaking out because you can't get your climb on right now, without exception everyone we know who gets injured says the same thing within a week of returning to climbing- "I feel stronger now than I did before I got hurt!"

Now would be a good time to check out a Beginner Yoga Class at The Front (Wed from 6-7pm), or a Propulsion Pilates class.

Thanks to Rock and Ice for their support of The Front's events.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sweet New Years Plans Winner!!

The results are in! Kris had the sweetest New Years plans and has won a FREE entry into Backcountry.com's Forearm Festival Citizens' Comp on January 24!

Thanks to everyone who shared their New Years plans. We at The Front hope all of your New Years dreams come true!