Friday, June 12, 2009

What's Rocks at The Front?

Has the rain got you down? Well come in and check out what are setters have been up too. Just this past week we have over 45 new problems set through out the gym. So, come get some plastic pull down on. It's always dry in here...well most of the time!!

Also, go to to see the latest creation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Teva Mountain Games

This Past weekend the team loaded up and hit the road, next stop Vail, CO. for the Teva Mountain Games. Where you can watch kayaking to fly fishing with some trials mountain biking, and trail running mixed in. Oh, and of course The World Cup Bouldering competition.

Zach taking care of business.

After watching the world cup finals the night before The Team was psyched and ready to climb. With less than ideal sending temps meaning 40 degrees and slightly snowing it took a little while to stoke the fire. But the kids were able to warm-up a bit and fire off some big point problems.

Orville going for the send.

Orville Clarke III was able to send a couple of high pointers before time ran out to earn himself a Bronze medal in the Youth C category, and Axel Dillman climbed strong through out snatching up a Silver medal in the Youth D category.

True working out the slab.

Axel going big.

Congrats Team on the strong showing at The Teva Games!!!

Next comp is the Mammut Bouldering Championships for more details check out or go to

Hope to see you there.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Shoe Arrivals at The Front!

New at the Front Mart! The Five Ten Anasazi and the Evolv Serpico approach shoe!'s the run down for Front Members:

Five Ten Anasazi $130

Five Ten Moccasym $90

Evolv Serpico $90

Evolv Defy $70

That's 10% off retail for our Front family! Come and get 'em!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Team getting out

Last Saturday the team made it out to Little to test out the granite and check out some of the classics. The day began at the warm-up boulder before they got on twisted. Twisted held to it's name teaching the kids the importance of trusting their feet and making precise movements.

Next on the stop was the riverside where the team got on their project Jim. With the warm weather it wasn't idle sending temps but they all gave it a go with Orville just missing the send and falling off the top.

Last stop was the Gate and the Standard Overhang where skin and being warn out took it's toll, Zach and Orville where close but just missing the top out greasing off the crystals. The day was good working old projects and finding new ones giving us another reason to go back.

This week the Team is headed to The Teva Games. Good luck guys!!