Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Outings in LCC

Sometimes it takes a birthday to get sport climbers/ boulders to go trad climbing. Last Saturday was Front Member Rob Duncan's birthday so to celebrate we spent a day cragging in LCC. To please the masses the day started out at Secret Garden where we ran into Jarrod and his family. The Afternoon was spent Climbing at the Gate Buttress.

Sean Flynn warming up at Secret Garden

Steve and I had a little adventure climbing two pitches on Hatchet Crack.

Chad getting psyched to get his crack on. Come on Chad put your foot in it. We ended the day the same way we started it with bouldering at the Gate area. Thanks for having a birthday Rob or I would never made out of the trees.

Let us know what you have been sending.

If you are looking for a climbing partner check the the partner board in the entry way.

photos courtesy of Greg Smith

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Front moves to American Fork for the day

After a long hiatus from all things roped, it was a BLAST to spend the afternoon among friends and fellow Front members at Division Wall in American Fork. I (Rachel) went with the lovely Melissa (Lipani), her new hairstyle, Dana (you may recognize her with skis on her feet), & Kevin (McClure). Kevin is recovering quite nicely from a shoulder injury and sent a BUNCH of great routes. Melissa and I are just remembering how to tie in, but she definitely showed her grace and strength throughout. She got on the sharp end while I stayed predominantly on the dumb end. Dana climbed remarkably well for her first time and it is obvious that we have a new rockstar in our midst.

James (aka "Has Been Known to Climb Some"), and Portia (Pork Chop), and Kat and Chad also showed up. Fun times! James and Portia made 5.12 look like 5.10a (I, conversely, made that 5.10a look like 5.12), Chad let out Conan warrior cries that were slightly startling yet not surprising, and Kat was strong as usual. To make matters even better, Front members Steve Edwards and Wenn Yang also added to the fun atmosphere.

Always great to see everyone and thanks for letting me TR your ropes! Front friends + cool breezes + great routes = perfect day!

Dear reader: What are YOUR climbing plans for the summer? Any big trips on the horizon? Make us jealous!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Front Trail Running Blog!

Oh boy, are we addicted to blogs at The Front, or what? We realize we're addicted and are seeking professional help.

Dirt Tours with The Front, our weekly trail running series, now has its own blog! Check out for locations and directions to weekly trail adventures.

Join Nate for some off-road action. The location for this week's run has been posted. Find out the 411 HERE!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Classic Chalkbags from Cordless!

Own your own piece of climbing history with a brand new vintage chalkbag from Cordless*.

For $10, you get a Cordless Chalkbag, the Frequent Flyers soundtrack CD, and a mesh shoe bag. What a deal!

*The chalkbags have cords. "Cordless" refers to climbing without a "cord" (i.e., rope), which is bouldering, which is rad, which is what we do at The Front. Now, get down here and get a chalkbag!